Workforce Centric. Federally Focused. 

Today's Federal workforce is impacted by a host of challenges – the nuances of managing a multi-generational workforce, outdated and inefficient business processes, siloed technology systems, unreliable, inconsistent and manual data sources, service delivery models that are unsustainable for future growth... and the list continues to grow.

Federal employees and teams are expected to do more with less while shifting their focus to meet the ever-changing strategic priorities of their Agency.

We are GovStrive


Our team is equipped to offer management consulting and support services focused on people, process and technology solutions to stabilize and innovate Human Resources (HR) and Civil Rights (CR) organizations. We offer a fresh perspective and bring a blended team of management consultants and HR and CR specialists to achieve mission objectives, foster a high-performing workforce and drive business efficiency.


Management Consulting

Helping HR and CR organizations identify and implement the right workforce solutions to maximize their strategic and operational capabilities.

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Managed Services

Providing the HR support needed to allow your teams to remain nimble and focus on the most critical components of their operational objectives.

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