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Anti-Harassment Program Support

CREATING A respectful and positive work ENVIRONMENT

To address workplace harassment issues quickly and efficiently, GovStrive supports HR Executives in implementing our turn-key, holistic Anti-Harassment Program support model, resulting in minimal investment from agency resources and maximized benefit to the health of the organization and its workforce. When an agency is not consumed by dealing with claims and incidents of harassment, leadership and employees can more effectively focus on their mission.


Our integrated Anti-Harassment Program support provides a clear and easy method for employees to report harassment in a timely manner to the agency.


GovStRIVE’s Program sUpport COMPONENTS:

  • Policy, process, and procedure support forming the foundation for a strong program to be executed

  • Harassment Reporting Center to manage centralized intake, supported by trained, experienced Reporting Center Representatives

  • Integrated technology to include a turn-key call center and case management system

  • End-to-end change management efforts, to encapsulate strategic communication, training, and marketing, and to promote widespread organizational adoption

  • Executive reporting and analytics to drive transparency, decision-making, and continual improvement

  • Program management capabilities to ensure the program is seamlessly implemented to the agency and continues to run smoothly year over year

Govstrive’s support BenefITS Agencies by:

  • Fostering seamless integration with Department and Agency Anti-Harassment Program

  • Reinforcing the agency’s commitment to create and maintain a respectful and positive work environment

  • Facilitating the consistent and fair application of the agency’s anti-harassment policy

  • Promoting a clear process and centralized method for reporting harassment claims

  • Enabling complete and comprehensive documentation and tracking of a harassment report, which better equips subsequent investigations

  • Providing substantial resources for employees and supervisors

  • Enhancing transparency into data, trends, and issues for informative training and leadership action

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