FEVS Response Rates & Employee Engagement

2018 Response Rate Analysis
July 2019

It’s that time of year again! The 2019 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey closes on July 5th for eligible* federal employees. Employee opinions are important!

There is a positive relationship between FEVS response rates and engagement among federal employees. Leaders who act on FEVS results encourage employees to provide valuable feedback year after year and, as a result, drive engagement and higher response rates.

Analysis suggests that a majority of survey participants do not believe the results of this survey will be used to make their agency a better place to work. Agencies that represent a large proportion of employees historically have lower response rates than smaller agencies.


Agencies should begin evaluating the strategies used in 2019 to encourage participation in FEVS. All employees should be reminded that they have one week remaining to complete the FEVS survey and the value of their participation.

Using FedViews can improve response rates over time.

In addition to tracking response rates over time, access to FedViews can be provided to employees to view, interact, and better understand results. As employees better understand the impact of participating, response rates are expected to increase. As the survey becomes more representative of the total workforce, action plans will be tailored to directly impact opportunity areas.

Want more information?

FedViews includes detailed analysis on diversity, inclusion, and inclusive diversity using FEVS and your workforce data to help you develop an action plan to address these areas.

Explore all other FedViews capabilities and contact GovStrive to learn more.

*FEVS Eligibility: permanently employed, non-political, non-seasonal, full- or part-time employees, onboard with their agency as of October 2018.