Federal Workforce Analytics – Look for Innovation

Workforce analytics is constantly developing and maturing, and federal workforce analytics is no exception.  In my work with leaders at federal agencies, I continually hear questions such as:  


-          How do we make better hiring decisions?

-          How do we reduce turnover, especially when it comes to top talent?

-          How do we determine if our employees are performing well?

-          What are our workforce needs, and how do we make sure we’re optimally organized?

-          How do we improve employee engagement and job satisfaction?

This ongoing quest for insight around federal HR has led us to develop innovative tools and software to answer these questions and more. We translate rigorous statistical methods and data analysis into user-friendly solutions that provide federal agencies with unparalleled human capital decision making – often in ways they have not seen before.   

Leaders within human capital organizations have discussed four trends in workforce analytics in particular. Whether we are working on FedChart, FedViews, FedLens, or dashboard projects, our team focuses on these areas to ensure our tools provide unique value to our clients: 

-          Changing reporting from “One-time” to “Real-time”:  It’s no longer sufficient to create a one-time report. Instead, federal agencies want real-time reporting to inform their HR decisions. Our teams develop dashboards that provide an almost real-time profile of the workforce. 

-          Promoting productivity: The traditional response to low productivity is to hire more people. However, workforce analytics offers other ways to understand challenges at organizations and improve performance. We conduct analysis to understand top-performing employees and how to establish an environment that fosters employee growth. In addition, using FedChart can help leadership explore alternative organizational structures which may enhance productivity. 

-          Encouraging Engagement: Research has continuously demonstrated that an engaged workforce results in an enhanced ability to achieve organizational goals.  FedViews enables agencies to not only understand employee engagement and changes over time, but also helps leadership prioritize and develop implementation plans to address the most critical employee engagement challenges. 

-          Leveraging the state-of-the-art:  Organizations understand the importance of analytics, but studies have shown that only a small portion of employees are ready to embrace analytics. GovStrive’s tools are cost-effective and easily customizable, and they can be deployed “out of the box” to make analytics accessible across an organization. 

If workforce analytics are constantly maturing, what’s next for GovStrive? 

Our team is committed to innovation and bringing the latest analytics trends to our clients.  As we continue to market and enhance our current tools, we are also looking to incorporate the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our tools. AI and workforce analytics are a natural pairing. Together, they create intelligent analytics. More on that soon!

Katrina Hsen