Diversity is in the Details

2018 FEVS ‘Inclusion Quotient (IQ)’ Analysis
April 2019

Federal employees responded positively to the IQ Index and sub-indices. While these results are encouraging, there are opportunities to improve perceptions of inclusion, specifically in ‘empowered’ and ‘fair’.

Respondent Demographics

Key Takeaway: Drive More Inclusion in the Workforce

The federal workforce is becoming more diverse. However, FEVS results indicate that perceptions of “empowered” and “fair” vary by gender and minority status. Improving perceptions of inclusion have long-term implications for the workforce, including recruitment, retention, job satisfaction, and performance.


GovStrive understands the importance of diversity and inclusion for Federal Agencies.


The vision in OPM’s Federal Government’s Inclusive Diversity Strategy Plan is for the federal government to “serve as the Nation’s model employer by leveraging diversity and fostering inclusion to deliver the best public service possible.”

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FedViews includes detailed analysis on diversity, inclusion, and inclusive diversity using FEVS and your workforce data to help you develop an action plan to address these areas.

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