Talent Management Matters! September 2019 Talent Management & Analysis Survey

Talent Management & Retention Analysis

The ability to develop and apply skills at work is very important to Federal employees.

In order for agency leadership to foster a thriving workforce, prudent talent management is required. The below results from FEVS illustrate how critical talent management is to the retention of Federal employees.

There is a greater probability of employee retention when there are positive reactions to talent management at an agency.

Two important aspects of talent management are opportunities to improve skills, and skill utilization across the organization.

Copy of FedView Sept 2019 - Using Skills


As hiring top talent becomes increasingly competitive across all federal agencies, it is essential that organizations retain high-performing employees once they are hired. It is critical that talent management and employee development programs are implemented to improve skills and ensure skill alignment to attain agency goals.

Use FedViews to understand and overcome talent management challenges.

Every agency’s goal is to have the right person with the right skill sets for each position. Once these individuals are hired, it is critical for the agency to develop and effectively utilize them. FedViews helps agencies understand their talent management challenges. FEVS and workforce data, as well as SME support, can help agencies implement strategies to attract, hire, develop and retain top talent.

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