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Business Process Reengineering

Standard, Streamlined Business Processes Enable Stable Business Operations

As federal leaders look to transform their HR and CR organizations, it is important to keep in mind that successful organizations are systems comprised of people, processes, and technologies. Changes to any one component significantly impacts business operations and the organization’s ability to successfully and efficiently achieve its mission. Whether managing and implementing new technology, transforming business operations, or increasing overall productivity, federal HR and CR organizations are continually challenged to change and modify their business processes – and educate their workforce on these changes to ensure smooth execution.


Well-documented and well-understood business processes form the foundation for building a balanced organization and effective workforce.


Our Four-Step Approach to Business Process Improvement Includes:

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1. Current State Assessment

Collecting data and artifacts of the current-state operational environment forms a visualization of the problem areas, and then serves as the foundation for building a roadmap to achieve future-state improvements.

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2. Future State Design

Documenting the future-state processes to integrate new technology, service delivery models, and workforce roles helps imagine how processes should operate.

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3. Gap Analysis

Analyzing the gaps between current-state and future-state seek to identify and address additional outputs — such as related process work, policy changes, training needs, process-related deliverables (e.g. forms), etc. — that may require modifications.

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4. Roadmap for Transformation

Designing a delivery model and implementation plan that improves customer service and organizational performance by increasing cycle times, improving quality, and eliminating operational redundancies.


As a component of GovStrive’s overall HR Service Delivery methodology, we work with our clients to redesign and reengineer their business processes to achieve process standardization and increased efficiency of operations.

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