Classification & Staffing Services

targeted support for the full federal hiring lifecycle

Our classification and staffing services support federal HR Leaders to meet federal hiring mandates and timelines, while also planning for and supporting seasonal hiring surges. At GovStrive, our experienced team of HR specialists perform the full recruitment life cycle by leveraging:

  • federal OPM classification guidelines

  • agency-specific policies and procedures

  • intimate knowledge of hiring flexibilities and authorities

  • many years of classification, position management, and staffing expertise.

GovStrive combines knowledge of recruiting and staffing systems with standardized and streamlined processes to offer HR Leaders consistent and quality procedures and tracking mechanisms.


Effective classification and staffing of human capital resources are integral components of a comprehensive federal hiring program to balance permanent and temporary workforce needs.


Classification Procedures

Three people participating in an interview
  • Reviewing existing position descriptions (PDs) to ensure current positions are in alignment with classification standards, and editing and reclassifying PDs as necessary

  • Reviewing/editing/reclassifying PDs in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

  • Performing desk audits to verify that duties are accurate, and positions are appropriately classified

  • Preparing written evaluation of the position in comparison to the OPM classification standards

  • Responding to classification appeals

Staffing Procedures

  • Conducting pre-consultation meeting with managers

  • Preparing job analyses and assessment questions

  • Generating and posting Job Opportunity Announcements (JOAs)

  • Conducting eligibility and qualification review and analysis

  • Performing Veterans’ Preference adjudication against hiring authorities and staffing guidelines to ensure compliance with Title V

  • Issuing certificates of eligible candidates to the selecting official

  • Supporting employee selection and on-boarding

  • Maintaining and closing employee case files

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