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GovStrive’s Solution for Utilizing Agency Data to Enable Human Capital Decision-Making


Federal government agencies compile a great deal of data through various systems and manual tracking mechanisms, but it is often inaccessible and inaccurate. Building on OPM’s guidance on using data more strategically to inform workforce planning, GovStrive partners with federal HR and CR organizations to develop comprehensive analytics solutions to address operational pain points and strategic workforce priorities alike. We have a holistic understanding of Federal data systems, processes to assist with data clean up, and the ability to conduct comprehensive analysis by synthesizing multiple data sources. As a result, our analytics solutions enable leaders to make data-driven decisions, enhance reporting, and manage HR workloads more efficiently, with little investment of time, manpower, and financial resources.

GovStrive assists HR Leaders to better understand their current workforce and employee engagement, predict future workforce trends, and manage the ever-changing workload of HR functions.

Our Dashboards provide federal clients with:

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Workforce Profiles: Provide a current state (near-real time) assessment of the workforce based on key demographic variables and automate common HR reporting needs based on authoritative data.

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Pathways Program Management: Help manage the Pathways Program by understanding trends for hires into the program, tracking current students/interns, and assessing Pathways conversions to full time employees.  Use these trends to inform future hiring strategies and understand long term trends for students from the program throughout their careers.

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Workforce Trends: Assess hiring, attrition, and other workforce trends over time to inform future organizational and HR decisions.  Comprehensive management tools to track hiring actions and identify bottlenecks.

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MD-715/EEO Reporting: Improve ability to aggregate and analyze demographic and diversity-related data, navigate complex business rules, develop visualizations and seamlessly populate tables.


HR Operations Tracking: Monitor, track, and assess transactional HR data to improve efficiency in reporting and to inform refinement and enhancements to operational processes (e.g., Recruitment & Staffing, Personnel Security, ER/LR, Performance & Awards)


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