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GovStrive’s Solution for Developing & Maintaining Organizational Charts


In the current federal work environment, changes to mission and policy require agencies to quickly adapt their organizations and workforces. FedChart is a web-based tool that automates the development of organizational charts and provides the foundation for effective workforce planning and position management. Designed specifically with federal agencies in mind, FedChart captures all required data inputs to support organizational interventions such as workforce planning, organizational reshaping, reorganizations, or reductions in force. GovStrive equips Executive Leadership with the information to facilitate organizational transparency and informed workforce decision-making across the agency.

FedChart is a cost-effective solution that uses agency-owned data to automate organizational charts.

FedChart offers widespread benefits to agency leadership:

  • Automated organizational charts reduce HR workload, especially for larger agencies where manually creating charts is less feasible

  • Comprehensive snapshot of each organizational component comprised of positions and metrics associated with encumbered positions

  • Visualizations and trends analysis to support longer-term organization decision-making for consideration prior to making changes

  • Collaboration between HR and agency leadership to support interactive workforce planning, position realignment, and other workforce restructuring initiatives

  • Readily available for reports or other presentation needs


FedChart provides Executive Leadership with an up-to-date snapshot of the workforce – mapping both the approved positions and how they are currently staffed. As HR organizations are frequently leading these efforts, it also becomes increasingly more important for HR professionals to focus on strategic HR tasks rather than the cumbersome task of manually maintaining accurate organizational charts.

FedChart facilitates organizational transparency to inform strategic workforce planning.

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