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GovStrive’s Proprietary Solution for Utilizing Employee Viewpoint Data


FedViews synthesizes and analyzes the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Federal Employment Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) data in an intuitive and manageable format to enable strategic human capital planning. FedViews is a web-based tool designed to enable federal HR Leaders to compare employee viewpoint data over time to understand trends and benchmark scores across a department and within agencies to develop targeted interventions. New workforce and survey data can be added to FedViews over time to automate FEVS reporting and track changes across fiscal years.  



FedViews provides a comprehensive analysis of FEVS and HR data to glean insights and develop solutions.

FedViews offers federal agencies a way to:

  • Automate annual FEVS reporting requirements for departments and agencies

  • Interact with FEVS data and isolate areas for improvement within the organization

  • Customize action plans to understand and target efforts to improve employee engagement

  • Access comprehensive analysis beyond traditional FEVS reporting that relates employee viewpoints to actual workforce metrics observed over time

  • Easily compare trends across demographics, work units, and time to enable benchmarking, longer-term analysis, and targeted analysis

  • Understand whether employee viewpoints are affected by HR practices, workforce programs, and policies


GovStrive’s sustainable, long-term analytics solution creates an opportunity for HR Leaders to explore innovative approaches to understanding employee engagement and job satisfaction, and to make targeted improvements and measure progress over time.

 Empower HR Leaders to make targeted changes that positively impact the organization and its employees.