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HR Service Delivery Transformation

Changing Times Call For New HR Service Delivery Models

The federal government continues to shift business models, governance models, technologies, and policies. All the while, changes to workforce demographics influence the way HR organizations must conduct business and respond to their customers: the employee. The way in which HR business once operated is no longer viable, and leaders are scrambling to reposition their organizations and retool their workforces to become strategic business partners and advisors.


Effective HR Service Delivery offers a framework for how an organization delivers integrated HR services to its employees.


GovStrive provides advisory support to help HR leaders to:

  • Conduct market research and assess vendor capability

  • Develop and evaluate options to find the right blend of strategic and operational (transactional) support that work within the framework of departmental guidelines and meet internal workforce development needs

  • Select a service model and plan for the transformation to address how the selected model will interact with its partners and stakeholders

  • Execute the plan, integrating implementation of new technology, documentation of process changes, and engagement of stakeholders to improve awareness and adoption

  • Develop metrics to assess efficiency and make improvements in real time

Leveraging intimate knowledge of government mandates, departmental HR models, service providers, and agency capabilities, GovStrive offers its clients a proven framework and process, supported by turn-key tools and templates to reconfigure HR operations and technologies, and support implementation.

Our HR Service Delivery Model Will Help:


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