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Performance Management & Awards

Effectively managing employee performance yields wide-spread benefits for organizations

Performance awards are helpful in rewarding valued performance, acknowledging employees that embody the values of the organization, and providing leaders with exposure to highly performing junior staff. GovStrive Performance Management Specialists have the experience and knowledge of federal best practices to effectively collaborate with our clients to design, implement, monitor, track, and evaluate performance and recognition programs as part of an organization’s overarching performance management framework.


Our Performance Management Specialists work jointly with HR Leaders to ensure consistency and equitability while promoting and encouraging overall excellence in performance.


GovStrive’s comprehensive performance framework INCLUDES:

  • Providing policy guidance to HR Leadership

  • Reviewing performance rating and award recommendations to ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations and OPM standards

  • Forwarding completed awards packages to appropriate personnel to ensure awards are process and received by the NLT date

  • Creating worksheets, templates, forms and instructions for supervisors to assist with impartial evaluation of employees

  • Implementing and monitoring discretionary and spot awards

  • Developing briefing materials for performance work plans

  • Providing training to supervisors, managers and employees on Performance Management principles

  • Conducting training seminars with supervisors and managers regarding performance management regulations and requirements

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