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Project & Program Management

Project Management Facilitates Seamless Execution

Today’s HR and CR Leaders are receiving pressure from all directions and being asked to juggle countless programs and projects to drive innovation and transformation. GovStrive offers leaders a proven Project Management Office (PMO) framework designed to transition the management of individual projects, as well as a suite of projects, to our team’s dedicated resources – removing them from the daily pressures of continual project management. GovStrive’s PMO facilitates project and program success by establishing best practices, mitigating risks, and ensuring on-time delivery to clients – within budget – through synchronized, well-organized and effective project initiation, delivery and close out.


GovStrive combines our PMO with comprehensive change management and marketing materials for successful project execution and program adoption.


Our PMO Framework Components Include:

PMO Functions Chart
  • Project Governance:  Provides a decision making-framework to uphold accountability and responsibility, and identifies key stakeholders to serve in approval or escalation roles.

  • Schedule Management: Manages the development of a detailed and integrated project plan, inclusive of core tasks, milestones, timelines, dependencies, and resources assigned.

  • Financial Management: Tracks actual spend against the budgeted plan to ensure the project operates within the funds allocated.

  • Risk and Issue Management: Supports projects by identifying and evaluating risk and issues, managing project scope and escalating items, as needed.

  • Quality Control: Provides quality assurance and quality control through development of templates and execution of deliverable reviews.

  • Resource Management: Manages resource allocation and resource capacity across the project to ensure operational efficiency.

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