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Workforce Solutions

Beyond traditional analytics, GovStrive recognizes a need to develop innovative tools to help HR and CR leaders better manage their organizations and workforces. GovStrive offers our clients access to business solutions to address strategic and operational needs through the ability to interact with their data and draw agency-specific insights. Our tools are built using advanced analytics filtered through an intuitive format that equips leadership with the unique ability to better understand their workforce through multiple lenses.

Comprehensive analysis of key human capital insights tailored to your agency.

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FedViews allows HR leaders to drive the development of an actionable strategy to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction.  Our proprietary tool provides comprehensive analysis on key human capital and workforce insights derived from Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) reports and actual workforce data.

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FedChart automates the development of organizational charts, saving time and providing the foundation for position management. Our proprietary tool generates charts with outputs from an agency’s authoritative HR data system and can be fully customized, based on agency-specific business rules and requirements.